Minute-Taking: How to put them in the board portal system

Minute-Taking: How to put them in the board portal system

The main difference between remote board and office meetings is that they are much easier to minute. This article will explain how to use board management software for minute-taking.

Automatic generation of meeting minutes: what are the benefits?

Today, more and more companies are switching to remote work. But this not only does not cancel meetings but rather increases their number. A video conference is logged in the same way as an offline meeting. The secretary draws up a meeting plan and sends it to all participants. In the process, he also captures everything said by his colleagues, albeit through web communications. At the same time, the secretary has much more opportunities for audio and video recording of what is happening. Most video communication services are equipped with similar functionality.

The main goal and task of minute-taking during a remote board meeting is to summarize its results. It is necessary to record the participants’ expressed thoughts correctly so they are not lost. The secretary of the meeting usually takes the minutes. It should record the abstracts or solutions as close to the text as possible. Effective minute-taking will help the boards recall information faster as it will be retained over time.

How to organize minute-taking in board software?

Today, companies introduce various digital solutions to optimize their daily activity and procedures. The board management portal allows collegial bodies to save the entire history from the idea of holding an event until its completion or until the execution of the protocol. The software is designed to automatically record meetings and capture decisions based on their results using models personalized to your data. Review the board portal pricing at board software reviews. It can recognize speech, automatically compile a meeting transcript, extract key points, and save them. Thus, the time for creating the final materials of the meeting is reduced, and the efficiency of preparing the minutes of meetings and knowledge management is increased. If the minutes are being taken in board software, the secretary can use, display, and fill it during the meeting. At the same time, to agree on the document’s final version, the participants are allocated separate time to clarify the wording of the decisions and instructions made.

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  • simultaneous participation in any number of meetings
  • sending out invitations to participate in the meeting
  • any number of meeting participants
  • differentiation of access rights to certain meetings
  • differentiation of the roles of participants within the meeting
  • automatic record keeping
  • inclusion/exclusion of participants’ remarks from the protocol
  • agenda management
  • linking decisions to agenda items
  • automatic generation of the document “Minutes of the meeting.”

Efficient and fast meeting minute-taking will allow you to keep all meetings under control and easily provide a summary to those who could not attend. The state of the protocol is changed automatically by business processes. Different execution of the protocol makes it possible to send each item of the protocol to the executors. This option is available when logging in to a table.

The template’s simple structure makes it easy to view meeting organizers and agenda items discussed. In addition, you can specify who took the minutes, which is useful if you do not have a formally appointed secretary.